Shipper Billing Instructions

One shipper requires a PO number. Another customer can’t pay without a cost center. Keystroke keeps it all updated and organized, and ensures that all invoices are compliant with shipper instructions.

Works With All Freight Auditors

Freight Audit Companies have different requirements and ways to access invoice status. Keystroke optimizes the communication and consolidates invoice status into a single portal.

Invoices Paid On Time

Invoices delivered through Keystroke are approved faster and paid on-time. Avoid the dreaded "Audit Exception."

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Electronic Invoice Delivery

Send all invoices electronically to all Freight Audit Companies. Even for small shippers.

Detect Missing Charges

Keystroke validates that invoices contain all applicable charges, even charges that are commonly missed.

Reduce Collections Efforts

Keystroke gives you actionable information at the time the invoice is created, reducing the amount of people it takes to collect on an invoice.

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Improve Data Quality

Keystroke helps improve the data in your systems, which turns into better reporting, better planning, and better decision making.

All Modes and Currencies

Most audit systems were created for parcel or domestic trucking invoices. Keystroke is the first rating and audit platform created in partnership with an international 3PL company.

Modern User Experience

Using a cloud-based, modern technology stack, Keystroke makes logistics invoicing easy and user intuitive.

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